Component Display Theory

Merrill, M. D. (1994). Instructional Design Theory. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Educational Technology Publications. Section 3 Component Display Theory. Chapter 7 The Descriptive Theory. 

Chapter 8 Component Display Theory:The Prescriptive Theory.

Chapter 9 Lesson Segments based on Component Display Theory.

Reigeluth, C. M., Merrill, M. D., Wilson, B., & Spiller, R. T. (1980). The elaboration theory of instruction: a model for structuring instruction. Instructional Science, 3, 30-31.

The above paper was the first paper published on Elaboration Theory. Charles M. Reigeluth published a number of additional papers expanding this original idea.


TICCIT: Two-way Interactive Computer Controlled Television was an early distributed computer-based instructional authoring system. It was developed under a contract with the National Science Foundation and was deployed in Phoenix Arizona and Brigham Young University- Provo.

Dr. Merrill was one of the leaders of the team that designed this computer-based instruction system. This authoring system implemented Component Display Theory.

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Merrill, M. D., Schneider, E. W., & Fletcher, K. A. (1980). TICCIT. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Educational Technology Publications.

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